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Leave The Seat Down: How to Win Her Heart


You’ve met this chick, right? You’ve hung out a few times, gone on a few dates and, you have admit, she’s pretty fucking cool and you want to lock it down and make her yours. The problem is, you don’t really know how. Sure, you could go all caveman on her, club her in the head and drag her back to your hut, but you know that as soon as she comes to, she’ll sock your ass and hit bricks. You’ve never felt this way before and the notion that you might have to pull some new moves has you a little on the nervous side.

Fear not, grasshopper. I’m here to guide you and help you reel that fish in while, at the same time, make you look absolutely knightly.

We women love when our man is romantic. It’s sexy and a major turn on. But probably not for the reasons you think. We know and understand that you’ve put A LOT of work into whatever the romantic gesture is. It shows us that you care. But many of us are simple creatures and appreciate the little gestures more than the grand ones.

When my husband and I went on our first date, one of the places we went was this local pond in the middle of a national park. It was super romantic….a clear, starry night, water, ducks, just he and I talking with no interruptions. It would have been a PERFECT time to make a move.

He TOTALLY didn’t and I spent the whole night worried he wasn’t digging me, which left a pretty sour taste in my mouth, because I was in to him big time. Rather than take advantage of the seemingly (and free) romantic setting we were in, he waited until we were under the harsh parking lot lights to make his move. This is something I still tease him about and probably will for a long time.

To avoid a similar situation, follow these very simple tips to woo that lady that’s won your heart.

  1. We like flowers, but, ya know what? They die. As cheesy as it sounds, a lot of us find it pretty sweet when we get real flowers that have a fake one mixed in. Either say or write it on the included note (if you’ve had them delivered) something along the lines of “My love for you will last until the last flower dies”. Yes, it’s corny as hell and we may lightly tease you about it, but to our friends, it will be extremely romantic.

  2. Nothing is more romantic than us realizing you do actually listen to us. Pick up on a minute detail and surprise us with it. For instance, if we say something like “I really like the scent of cinnamon in the fall,” head out and buy a nice smelling cinnamon candle. Make sure you smell it first, because not all scents are created equally. You don’t want to pick one up that says it’s smells like her favorite scent, only to find that it more closely smells like ass.

  3. Show her your domestic side. Yes, we know you can afford to take us to a nice restaurant, but can you hold your own in the kitchen? Invite her over to dinner and wow her with your culinary skills. It doesn’t have to be filet mignon, but if you can grill a mean steak or make a banging pasta dish, then go for it. Add to the meal a nice bottle of wine and maybe a chick flick and she’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand.

  4. Pick her first from time to time. It’s Friday, which is poker night. She knows this and, for the most part, respects that. Surprise her by skipping the poker game and taking her to a movie or the theater or something she likes. This will show her that you care about her more than your weekly game AND it will give you a pretty solid card to play for the next time you want to have an additional guy’s night out.

  5. Finally, the most romantic thing you can do….and this is major….respect her. I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes right now, but we ladies are big on respect. Hold the door open for us. Hold our hand. Pull out our chair. Look at our eyes, not our breasts (although, sometimes, we totally dig that). Compliment us. Don’t undervalue what we do. You may be a lawyer or in med school and she may be a waitress or work in retail. Don’t demean that, because it could be something she seriously enjoys doing. If it’s not, encourage her to pursue something better all while not undervaluing what she does know. Respecting her and letting her know you are in her corner goes a lot further than you may think.

Trust me, guys. We really aren’t that hard to win. Those that play hard to get don’t want a relationship. They want a chase, because somewhere, deep inside them, they are insecure with themselves. If you have a secure woman that wants to get serious with you, it won’t be that hard to win her over. Keep it simple, because we can tell if you are trying too hard and we don’t want that. Save the big guns for major steps, like a proposal.  We appreciate the realness of it being 100% genuinely you more than we do the over the top stuff. Being real kicks being phony’s ass any day of the week.

Now go get her, tiger!

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