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The Shifty Traveler: An Unsolicited Review of the Dollar Shave Club

dsc welcome kit

I am a man.

And like other men, I shave.

In fact, I like to shave.

When I do, I make sure it is as awesome an experience as it can be.

Think ‘Godzilla vs Las Vegas’ awesome.  Yeah, that’s how I shave.

So when the Dollar Shave Club’s youtube video went viral, I paid attention.

I ordered them almost instantly, but had to wait in line due to demand.  After nearly a month of waiting, they finally arrived.  I’ve used them, and here is my review:

I’ve used them all.  Schick, Bic, Gilette, and a few off-brands.  I was currently using the Gillete Fusion razors, but I don’t like:

dom and the tester- The Price
- The Straight-Edge blade on the back (doesn’t work well, waste of money)
- And the hoops you need to jump through to buy them at the store (security tags SUCK)

I have tried all the brands because of “The Tester.”  I have a mole on my left cheek that catches on cheap blades.  Schick’s shit catches that mole every time, and I bleed like a motherfucker.

So, Dollar Shave Club.  You’re easier to purchase, and overall less expensive.  Your marketing campaign is badass.  But will you pass my test?

The package arrived Tuesday with a welcome kit.  It included a handle, my first pack of blades, and an “Official Member” card for my wallet.

It claims to be able to get me free drinks.  (So far no drinks, but a few brofists…  Good enough for me.)

dsc welcome kit

I waited until I was nice and scraggly, and tested these bad boys out.

And you know what?  They shave really really well.  I’m impressed.

In fact, I’m hooked.  This is now my blade of choice.

Sorry, Gilette.  You and your 20,000 blades, vibrating handles and expensive commercials can suck it.  I’m a Dollar Dude now.

I am using the 4x, which as you can guess, has 4 blades.  I downsized from 5 to 4 and didn’t notice a difference in my shave quality at all.

For those that believe bigger is better, you can get the 6-blade “Executive.”  At $9/mo, it’s still way cheaper than the store-brand blades…

If I had to think of any negative part, it’s that I don’t use a cartridge a week.  Yet I’m getting 4 blades a month when I only need 2 or 3 (even with some minor manscaping, 4 is just too much).

What I may do is keep my membership for 6 months, stockpile a year’s worth of razors, then take 6 months off.  Rinse and repeat.

There are other razor subscription services out there, and there are even razor infomercials on TV now touting a better shave (and cheap-ass shaving cream in the handle) but I’m sticking with the original.  They hooked me with their video ad, and earned my loyalty with their quality.

Do YOU shave?  Of course you do.  Go check out Dollar Shave Club, see if it makes sense for you, then give it a try.  They’re not paying for me to talk about the product, but it’s awesome enough to warrant this post.

GO!  NOW!  You’ll be glad you did.

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